Points Process | Experience in Process Service

Isaac Points |Owner of Points Process Service | Raised in Denver and Practicing in Denver

Points Process Service is a local company. I have served as President of the Five Points Business Association and as a Board member for over 12 years. I am currently still appointed as a Board member of the Five Points Business Improvement District. I am honored with this appointment because of my strong beliefs in giving back to the community from which I came from.

I started Points Process Service in 1980 and have maintained a good reputation as an ethical and honest businessman. Most judges and city attorneys in Denver County and surrounding counties recognize my name and can attest to my performance as always being conducted in the upmost professional manner. I strongly believe in offering common courtesy and respect to everyone who is being served. I fully understand and support the concerns about privacy and confidentiality and I am also conscientious about Non-Disclosure Information Orders. This awareness is shared with my staff that is trained to appreciate and understand the importance of these orders. I pride myself on my success rate with previous performance servicing the City and County of Denver.