Points Process | Legal Process for over 30 years.

Points Process Service has been performing actual Service of Legal Process for over 30 years.

Based on the number of years of experience, Points Process Service, its owner, Isaac Points and process servers bring extreme knowledge regarding geographic locations within the City of Denver. Points Process Service is recognized and known to perform Service of Process at the following: Denver County Jail, Arapahoe County Jail, Adams County Jail, Boulder County Jail, Weld County Jail, Larimer County Jail, and El Paso County Jail. Isaac Points is registered and recognized for professional visits at all the above-named Jails and all metro Denver Halfway Houses. Points Process Service is able to obtain service on defendants in most County Courts with assistance from the Court Clerks and Court Staff. Points Process Service is currently producing a success rate of between 70-80% on all entities of Service of Process. Points Process Service prides itself and is recognized by Denver County Court Judges and Denver County Juvenile Court Judges for providing service based on efficiency, professionalism, and diligence.

Points Process Service has provided process service to the Denver District Attorney’s Office, Denver City Attorney’s Office, Denver Department of Human Services which includes Child Support, Child Welfare, Fraud, and Adult Protection, Denver Police Department for Photo Radar and Red Light Enforcement, and Denver Community Planning and Development and Code Enforcement. Additionally, we provide process service to private Law Firms and Collection Agencies throughout the front range.

Types of documents: Summons, Subpoenas, Motion for Revivor, Contempt Citations, Writ of Continuing Garnishments, Notice of Levy, Notice for Financial Responsibility, Notice for Appointment of Guardian, Notice of Code Violation, Notice to Quit.

If needed, we will perform a period of secret surveillance of a building or an area in order to observe someone’s activities to complete the serve.  We perform RUSH services if needed. Our rates are reasonable and competitive.